Monday, December 1, 2008

double takes

There are two photographer/artists who caught my attention today and had me doing double takes. A second look is more than necessary when you are faced with their art. The details and concepts will make you go "wow." Without further ado...

Recall crop circles that were suspected to be left as markings by aliens who visited earth? Recall the movie Signs, where crop circles were used as signs that aliens were invading? Try sand circles. The following are the work of Jim Denevan, and they are incredible. Words cannot began to describe how I feel about his work. Can you imagine the time it took to create these pieces of art? These are just a small sample; his other works are just as, and probably more, impressive.

on DesignYouTrust // his Website // more Photos

In a series called Hope & Fear by Phillip Toledano, photographs of models are manipulated for their bodies to be covered by repetition of one item. The following are a few examples. There is one on his website where a girl is covered by female breasts. My emotions are quite mixed on that one; I cannot decide for the life of me whether it intrigued, disturbed, shocked, or scared me. I suppose that would be the idea. Another series titled America the Gift Shop is just as controversial. Extensive analysis of his work could result in some very interesting finds. A quote from Toledano:
I believe that everything should start with an idea, whether it be a single image, or a series. I also believe that a photograph should be like an unfinished sentence. There should be space for questions.

on Scene 360 Illusion // his Website

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