Thursday, December 11, 2008

colourless boxes

To any one who has been speculating about my Christmas wishlist, look no further. This is a must-have for me and anyone who wishes to spice up their bedroom, study, living area, or any other room in your apartment/loft/house. Reinier de Jong has created the five-part Expandable REK Bookcase. Tuck it in as a decor or pull it open for it to be functional. Unfortunately, this doesn't come cheap; it can be yours at a shiny € 5.500,00. I also love the cabinet and wall storage he designed—these can be found on his website. (Source)

Something about pure black and whiteness interests me. Esther Stocker's 2008 installations is something out of the ordinary, especially if you were to be present there, surrounded by nothing but unpredictable lines jumping out at you. These two installations also reminded me of Michael Phelan's minimalist art, also of the two-tone nature. I adore it all. (Source)

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