Thursday, December 11, 2008

pixels, food & wood

Found on Flickr by the trusty folks at DesignYouTrust is Diego "Karramarro" Sanz's pixel works. These actually made my jaw drop. What a reminder that we no longer live in a 3-D world. We are completely surrounded by pixels and they are our reality (whether they are in our computer or GameBoy monitor or printed out life-size! (Source)

I don't know who Anna is, but she is a crafty girl. She must also be a big Wall-E fan, because she produced two amazing pieces: in a bento box and out of wood! The Wall-E bento looks absolutely delicious. She even created little meat boxes to resemble the garbage cubes Wall-E makes! The wooden version is just nothing but astounding. It is immaculate and so detailed. Too detailed! I would love to make one of these for my little sister. The wooden figure is a little out of my league; I think the bento box will do! (Source)

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