Wednesday, December 17, 2008

colours that pop

Sometimes you just gotta relax, take a second and remember that it's okay to have fun. If you need a reminder, take a visit to the new Las Vegas bounce house designed by the duo from FriendsWithYou. Find your inner child in this playground filled with giant inflated balls and spread with colour. With characters like Shoebaca and Bumble Grump, how can you not have a good time? My favourite is Penelope the sleeping elephant. Each character has their own video on the fun and interactive website. They have many other fun projects too. Very kawaii!

Vinheta Ó Paí, ó is a mesmerizing 50-second video in which every frame is a painting. I believe this is a opening of a Brazilian TV show. Unfortunately, I cannot read or understand any Portugese (I believe?), so this is as much information as I can give you!

Vinheta Ó Paí, ó from BRABO on Vimeo.

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