Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Congratulations to me! I'm finally done my first term of my fourth year! It feels absolutely fantastic to be home. I got some marks back today from a final exam on my Walt Disney course as well as a critical analysis essay for Comfort Television on Lipstick Jungle. I did very well and I'm so satisfied with myself! Above all, I won a free CD from CHUM, which I have to pick up sometime. Their station is unfortunately in the middle of nowhere. And with all these good news comes the bad news that my car wouldn't start today, leaving me worried, stressed and cold, already running late for my cousin's birthday dinner, which I ultimately missed. What inconvenient timing for a breakdown! Thank goodness for the rescue by my friend's father!

Anyway, my favourite YouTube video for the day. Titled "Western Spaghetti," this is a video very well done by the stop-motion artist PES. I have always been fascinated with this type of trick film and admire those who accomplish a smooth and seamless video. I'm in the middle of watching his other stop-motion films and my jaw is on the floor. Enjoy! (Warning: KaBoom! has great effects but involves clowns. Scary, flashing clowns. Watch at your own discretion.)

And just because I thought this Mr. Clean ad was amusing and very clever. Part of DesignYouTrust's "Deceiving Billboard Ads - Part IV":

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