Wednesday, December 3, 2008

experimental. innovative.

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When I saw this, my mouth dropped. Ice sculptures have been made for dozens of years and we always marvel over them. The melting process is evidently more interesting as shown by the following project titled Melting Men.
Melting Men - (Source)

A project by Nadine Grenie, a message is posted every 12 hours with more than 500 clocks. At my initial sighting of this project, I thought that it was clever she used clocks and positioned them to create a phrase. At second thought, these clocks are ticking. A minute later, each letter would be skewed as the hands would no longer be in the right position, which is why the message is only displayed every 12 hours. What a ingenious idea.
500 Clocks Research - (Source)

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Michael Oswald created some brilliant art to depict androids, more specifically, a gynoid. Very futuristic and beautiful.
Robot Puppet Women - (Source)

his Website // more Photos

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