Sunday, December 14, 2008

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I only just discovered A Cup of Jo very recently, a blog by Joanna Goddard, a magazine writer based in New York. Seriously, a brilliant woman with words in the Big Apple, has she the dream life or what? Within the week of reading her blog, I'm head over heels in love. In a recent post, I encountered some beautiful photography that I could not wait to share.

First is the work of Joel Tettamanti. He is a Swiss man with a breathtaking perspective and the good fortunes of traveling around the world with his camera. The photographs from Greenland are what caught my attention. His works from France are also unreal. Wouldn't I love to travel, not to mention have his skills! (Source)

And then there are these photographs from Iceland (has no ice) from where Joanna is a blogger. She wrote about Bob O'Connor's dreamy photographs of Iceland. Absolutely astounding to say the least. My boyfriend's always wanted to go to Reykjavik. I think I'm siding with him on this one; must start saving!

And last but not least, not found on Joanna's blog but through my visit to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)'s website. If you aren't Torontonian, you are probably unaware that the AGO recently re-opened with a large transformation designed by the world renown Frank Gehry. Go ahead and Flickr search some photos because you will be shocked at its magnificence. Upon reading the AGO home page, I learned that Edward Burtynsky's photographs of the AGO's transformation is currently on view at the art gallery. His work has always focused on capturing the landscapes of the world in both the nature and manufactured terms. A lot of his work involve our interaction with natural resources such as oil, mines, factories, and much more. His photographs will really open your mind in how we as humans affect the world. So, if you live in the GTA or will be visiting Toronto, try and take a peek at his AGO collection. I would say it is a must-see. And the great thing is, it's free! (Source)

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yulanda said...

I love Burtynsky's work. I'll have to stop by the AGO sometime. Thanks -- didn't know it was going on.