Wednesday, December 10, 2008

colours & circles

Forget squares and triangles and rectangles and octagons, circles are my favourite shapes. And here are tons of circles in all sizes and colours. I don't even know how to begin with Mac Funamizu's creation, his new project titled "Tired of Numbers." These would be extremely handy on the work desk or in the bedroom. Basically, these two devices measure the humidity and temperature in your environment. With the humidity measuring device, the amount of blue is the percentage of humidity, with a tab every 25% to help you read it. With the thermometer, count the big circles for tens and small circles for ones if you're at double digits. And Mr. Funamizu says, "Red circles become blue when the temperature becomes negative." How brilliant?! I want one of these bad boys. They're stylish and practical (if functional! (Source)

Daniel Eatock has done something brilliant. Out of markers and pens that artists use everyday to creating illustrations, he has turn our tools into art itself. After his Pantone Pen Print in 2006, he has created the Prismacolor Pen Print and the Felt-Tip Print. With the entire set of pens, he put them in tubes and touched the pens to paper for the colour to soak through a large stack, sheets of paper. The furthest paper from the pens in the stack are still tainted with the paint. There are some interesting effects. Daniel's prints are individually numbered and for sale on his website. Source

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