Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lolo Knits with Marzipan

I don't have much today not only because I'm too busy studying, but also because there isn't anything that's caught my eye aside from some photographs and a video of Lauren, a.k.a. Lolo and her knitted marzipan! Her website is full of recipes for the vegans out there (you can try them too even if you're not a vegan!) I need to try this out myself!

Lauren says:
I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and when I went vegan four years ago the kitchen became my favorite room in the house. I love experimenting with all sorts of food. Except for beets. And garlic. And pretty much anything that has been pickled. But hey! We all have our weird preference and dislikes, right?

on Scene 360 Illusion // more on her Flickr


1pinecone said...

JANE, how is it that I do not know you blog? (found link through Flickr...and by Flickr, I mean my mess of photos.)

Blogspot is almost as bad as Facebook! (but soooo good)

jane m. said...

No one really knows I blog... haha. I started this thing more for myself as an archive collection. I read way too many blogs and find way too many things I love. And I can't bookmark them all! You should see my bookmark folders. They're horrendous. I'm glad you enjoy this :D