Sunday, November 30, 2008

polaroids with love

There's so much great stuff I want to show off today, most of which are photographs that are truly phenomenal. I'll break this down into a few entries as I should be writing my 3000-word essay on Lipstick Jungle instead of looking up daily inspirations. I can't help it; there are too many wonderful things in the world waiting to be discovered and publicized.

Let's start with some Polaroids found on the_polaroids of LiveJournal:

By user: fotograffs - (Source)

By user: xclit_eastwoodx - (Source)

Andrea Joseph has finished her first ever Moleskine in which the entire book is of sepia illustrations. Her drawings are brilliant and she is undoubtedly one of my favourite illustrators ever. I follow her work on Flickr and her blog avidly. Do check her out!

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1pinecone said...

Oooh man, you know my love for polaroids.

I'm really enjoying your blog. Thanks for all the great art.