Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This batch of inspirations today is a collection of variants of buildings. We have photographs of buildings, and we have buildings, essentially on buildings. Let me explain.

Thomas Kneubühler is an absolutely brilliant photographer from Montréal who explores themes of space, privacy and appearances in his photographs. He reminds us of the things we encounter everyday and often neglect to acknowledge or completely miss. Amongst all his fabulous series, this is my favourite. Office 2000 presents a series of office buildings lit in the dark. His detailed captures allow us to peer into the office spaces of various floors with various levels of clarity, depending on how open the blinds are. This is fascinating yet voyeuristic and perverse at the same time. The large, repetitive urban façade is reminiscent of Andreas Gursky's work. (Source)

A series of what seems like window blinds or items solely for decoration purposes, IUKBOX (who makes some of my favourite things in the world—recall the pine lumen candles?—which would make a great holiday gift, by the way) has created negative cutout of drawings. These stenciled items are of various major cities in the world: Paris, Stockholm, Toyko and Helsinki. Available for purchase, they are not exactly on the cheap side, at a minimum of €345 per screen. (Source)

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