Sunday, November 30, 2008

polaroids with love

There's so much great stuff I want to show off today, most of which are photographs that are truly phenomenal. I'll break this down into a few entries as I should be writing my 3000-word essay on Lipstick Jungle instead of looking up daily inspirations. I can't help it; there are too many wonderful things in the world waiting to be discovered and publicized.

Let's start with some Polaroids found on the_polaroids of LiveJournal:

By user: fotograffs - (Source)

By user: xclit_eastwoodx - (Source)

Andrea Joseph has finished her first ever Moleskine in which the entire book is of sepia illustrations. Her drawings are brilliant and she is undoubtedly one of my favourite illustrators ever. I follow her work on Flickr and her blog avidly. Do check her out!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

grey, grey sky

With winter approaching and the weather getting frigid, it's no surprise that grey is a big hit amongst fashion gurus lately. Mind you, colour is definitely in this season and many are taking advantage of incredibly bright hues that will make your outfit pop. Knitted sweaters and cardigans are also very popular. With that said, I think I will still agree to these featured outfits below and stick to my greys.

ass scratchin' by Pauline T.

Oh my mary janes by Ashley S.

mice try by Jessica C.

oui, mais by Samantha M.

whimsicality & tranquility

There are two photographers I want to share today. Both of whom I read about on I am so inspired by both: one for the way she captures the everyday, the tones of her photographs and the tranquility of her photographs, and the other for his ...ridiculous abstract and creativity in personifying everyday objects. I use the word "ridiculous" because I just have not an idea how else to describe him!

We'll start with Rune Guneriussen, a Norwegian photographer who juxtaposes household items and places them on beaches, in forests, in places you would not imagine. The photographs are incredibly fairy-like and give off a supernatural, whimsical feel. The irony of some of these photographs, especially the one with globes, is fascinating. I do these no justice; you must visit his site to take a look for yourself.

on DesignYouTrust // his Website // more Photos...

The second is Erika Svensson, who I am now head over heels in love with. Her photographs have a tranquil hue that relaxes the soul and a feeling of softness, clarity and spaciousness. It's incredible how she works with texture and negative space. Take a look:

on DesignYouTrust // her Website // more Photos...

Friday, November 28, 2008

une boutique en ligne

Having reopened their store on Halloween, Adeline Affre is now restocked with lots of jewelry goodies with their Spring 2009 collection. They're also offering free worldwide shipping! And did I mention they do some great photography? Click on "More..." and you'll be splashed with some colourful imagery! I think I just might pick up these two:

Bague Nuage

Collier Yo

black, red and shoes

Here are some favourites of mine from today:

i love new york by Joyan B.

Colourful Leggings by Tammy T.

A View From The Roof Tops by Claire M.

lost my shoe, late for school by Mrieke K.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

black + blum

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans! We (Canadians) already celebrated turkey day a month ago, unfortunately. Unfortunate because I am definitely craving some turkey and mashed potatoes right now! Anyone want to save me some leftover?

The fabulous folks at NOTCOT blogged about fabulous items from a Black + Blum today. Their designs are fabulously innovative and contemporary. Check out their website; I'm sure you'll find several products fit for your home too!

desk tidy? — desk organizer

A porcelain desk organiser which takes its idea from an observation that many people use mugs to hold their pens. Combining this idea with the iconic plastic tube desk organiser of the 70's inspired the form. At a quick glance the decoration has a traditional feel, but look closer and you will see modern day desk items hidden in the pattern.

fruit loop — fruit bowl

A hand crafted fruit bowl made from a single piece of free flowing steel wire. It will add a piece of sculpture to any table and is ideal for holding fruit.

ring ring — magazine rack

A modular wall mounted magazine rack made up from just two nickel plated steel rings. Once one is fixed to a wall (using just two screws), it is possible to hang additional rings underneath. It is also possible to hang ring ring from the ceiling with multiple ring rings hanging underneath. Each ring ring can hold plenty of magazines.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

pine lumen candle

Pine Lumen Candle - Source

Conceived from a study in light and interactivity, the Pine Lumen Candle is a detailed pine tree silhouette, acid-etched in stainless steel. Light the wick and the candle projects the tree onto the wall – an atmospheric shadow that moves organically with the flickering flame. Uses a small, replaceable fuel cell and protects surfaces with its soft, polyethylene base.
This would make a brilliant gift for the holidays!

surrealism takes over

Christopher Gilbert - (Source)

Christopher Gilbert is truly a photographer extraordinaire. His work is fantastic and has so much implications. One simple portrait can be manipulated to have so many readings and hidden messages.

Porcelain Cans - (Source)

Are you one to squeeze your pop can when done your soda? I doubt you'll want to squeeze these delicate cans. They're made of porcelain. These hand-painted porcelain cans are made by Lei Xue. I don't think you'll find Sprite or Coca-Cola in these ones.

simple; layered; complex

I absolutely adore the fashionistas at They've got great style and really know how to dress. From all over the world, young adults get to show off their best outfits and strut their stuff on a simple and perfect website. How I wish I had an invitation code. If you happen to read this and have got one to spare, consider sending one my way!
Here are some of my favourite outfits as of late:

keep it simple, stupid - (Source)

Not only is this gorgeous Canadian girl stylish and fun, she's got fabulous shoes! Look at those wedges! Love her multi-colour nails too!

creative liberties - (Source)

This Canadian cutie is showing off her layers of stockings, knee-high socks and boots. Love the shades she's got going on. Laces stockings are totally hot this winter.

DASH - (Source)

Shifting the focus away from the beautiful Californian sun, this San Diego girl is sporting two layers of black (three on the left) with a belt to top it off, stockings and Mary Janes to seal the deal. Gotta love Forever 21.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

chalk series by michael neff

Michael Neff has combined light, shadow and chalk to create an innovative form of sidewalk art. This chalk series outlines the shadow of everyday objects and highlights the negative presence of trees, fences, railings, whatever you may find on the streets of New York. Not only is this a brilliant idea, but the photographs themselves are also well-composed and aesthetically pleasing. Upon looking at his website, you'll also find Michael Neff as a photographer who has a great eye for night images and details. Visit his website for more photographs of his chalk series and his other work.


fairy tales

Yesterday, one of my favourite blogs, Hello, Lover... Shoe Daydreams, wrote about "Living the Fairy Tale," being in a stable and happy relationship that conquers minor disagreements and works to both parties' favours. She stress that we must:
1. Choose our battles;
2. Recognize our moods;
3. Let the other person help;
4. Be open-minded;
5. Have a barrier;
6. Have a good story; and
7. Recognize what you've got.
I can honestly say that my relationship has no issues and have all seven boxes checked. I live a Disney relationship, it's true—from how we got together to every minute we spend together. Princess Poochie really has great advices and I loved that she plotted in the fairy tale comparison in there. Don't live your life dreaming of a happy ending, but enjoy every moment you get to spend with the person you love.

VS Energy International Ukraine - Source

A calendar made of matches? As each day ends, light a candle and burn the past away. What a brilliant idea. Whether you have a love for calendars or not as I do, this would have you looking forward to everyday!

Monday, November 24, 2008

tiles and words

This is, in my opinion, the ideal sanctuary after a busy day of work, telephones, computers and human interaction. Found on Georgia's blog, these tile designs are spectacular and would really spice up one's home. They make your bathroom look exceptionally clean. Check out the top left image in the ascot pun home page. Maybe it's the size of that space that's the appeal, but this makes me want to hop in the shower right now!

juxtapose and light up

Photography with Realistic Effects - (Source)

With genius positioning, these photographs use juxtaposition to create a strange and clever surrealistic effect.

Creative Billboards for Sony PSP - (Source)

I love photographs that replace its obstruction with a seemingly transparent view. These also make for a great advertising strategy!

To Do Tattoo - (Source)

I'm a list-maker, list-lover, and always misplace my grocery lists, to-do lists, etc. Recently, I downloaded a grocery list application on my iPhone and somehow lost that list! There is no way I can lose my hand!

Dog Lamp LED - (Source)

This is just adorable beyond words, and so simple. I wonder if they come in other animals!

welcome to inspirations splendides

As an avid blog reader, I discover new inspirations everyday. Whether they be that of fashion, advertising, illustrations, technology, or photography, I absolutely adore new finds that surprise me and make me go "wow." The creative minds of our society today are full of unexpectedness. My list of wants and wishes grows and grows each day.

I hope you enjoy this blog, this massive list of interesting finds that I come upon day after day. Feedbacks and comments are greatly appreciated. Let me know of what you'd like to see more!

Keep an open mind and let yourself get carried away.