Wednesday, November 26, 2008

simple; layered; complex

I absolutely adore the fashionistas at They've got great style and really know how to dress. From all over the world, young adults get to show off their best outfits and strut their stuff on a simple and perfect website. How I wish I had an invitation code. If you happen to read this and have got one to spare, consider sending one my way!
Here are some of my favourite outfits as of late:

keep it simple, stupid - (Source)

Not only is this gorgeous Canadian girl stylish and fun, she's got fabulous shoes! Look at those wedges! Love her multi-colour nails too!

creative liberties - (Source)

This Canadian cutie is showing off her layers of stockings, knee-high socks and boots. Love the shades she's got going on. Laces stockings are totally hot this winter.

DASH - (Source)

Shifting the focus away from the beautiful Californian sun, this San Diego girl is sporting two layers of black (three on the left) with a belt to top it off, stockings and Mary Janes to seal the deal. Gotta love Forever 21.

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