Tuesday, November 25, 2008

fairy tales

Yesterday, one of my favourite blogs, Hello, Lover... Shoe Daydreams, wrote about "Living the Fairy Tale," being in a stable and happy relationship that conquers minor disagreements and works to both parties' favours. She stress that we must:
1. Choose our battles;
2. Recognize our moods;
3. Let the other person help;
4. Be open-minded;
5. Have a barrier;
6. Have a good story; and
7. Recognize what you've got.
I can honestly say that my relationship has no issues and have all seven boxes checked. I live a Disney relationship, it's true—from how we got together to every minute we spend together. Princess Poochie really has great advices and I loved that she plotted in the fairy tale comparison in there. Don't live your life dreaming of a happy ending, but enjoy every moment you get to spend with the person you love.

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A calendar made of matches? As each day ends, light a candle and burn the past away. What a brilliant idea. Whether you have a love for calendars or not as I do, this would have you looking forward to everyday!

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