Thursday, November 27, 2008

black + blum

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans! We (Canadians) already celebrated turkey day a month ago, unfortunately. Unfortunate because I am definitely craving some turkey and mashed potatoes right now! Anyone want to save me some leftover?

The fabulous folks at NOTCOT blogged about fabulous items from a Black + Blum today. Their designs are fabulously innovative and contemporary. Check out their website; I'm sure you'll find several products fit for your home too!

desk tidy? — desk organizer

A porcelain desk organiser which takes its idea from an observation that many people use mugs to hold their pens. Combining this idea with the iconic plastic tube desk organiser of the 70's inspired the form. At a quick glance the decoration has a traditional feel, but look closer and you will see modern day desk items hidden in the pattern.

fruit loop — fruit bowl

A hand crafted fruit bowl made from a single piece of free flowing steel wire. It will add a piece of sculpture to any table and is ideal for holding fruit.

ring ring — magazine rack

A modular wall mounted magazine rack made up from just two nickel plated steel rings. Once one is fixed to a wall (using just two screws), it is possible to hang additional rings underneath. It is also possible to hang ring ring from the ceiling with multiple ring rings hanging underneath. Each ring ring can hold plenty of magazines.

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