Tuesday, April 21, 2009

twist & slide sink

Ever since I grew into an addiction of looking up interior design and home decoration, I've been wanting a bathroom that is waterproof, and the water would just flow into the floor. I like the idea of an open concept bathroom where you needn't shower walls, and the bottom of the shower is made of wooden planks. Little did I know, there are also designs coming out with sinks that also flow into the ground! I'm not sure how I like that idea, but I guess it's all one and the same. Check out this awesome twisted sink by Eumar called the Abisko Washbasin.



Georgia B. said...

one of the coolest things i've ever seen!

Ryan said...

many of the batrooms in Korea lack shower walls. The shower head is right beside the mirror. You shower over a floor, with a drain like you describe.

The problem: EVERYTHING gets wet. Water gets everywhere.