Sunday, April 19, 2009

pyramid for a bookcase

After my previous post about the Thought Bubble bookshelf, (apparently a similar one can be found by Fusca Design,) my boyfriend sent me another bookshelf beauty and its pentagonal friend.

The Pyramid Modular Bookcase by Fitting is a work of art. Made in Italy and with aluminum, this would be quite the art piece in anyone's home. Not all have the coloured backing, but I think that nicely accentuates the shelves! (Source)

And here's another pyramid bookshelf made of wood, quite stunning as well!

The second item is the Pentagon Seating, designed by Thomas Tritsch and manufactured by Quinze & Milan. It looks fantastically futuristic. I am never too sure about these type of harsh seating. I would think that our behinds would be sore from sitting on such flat surfaces without cushioning or support. In any case, I think it would look great in any home that can afford so room contributed to seating. Go to their website, click or "Original" and discover other colourful, vibrant and unique pieces that would spice up any home or office! (Source)


Georgia B. said...

love the shelves!

i would need to get a bigger house to have the, though.

(i have no problem with that!)

PinkBow said...

i just love the seating. i agree with georgia though, would definitely need a bigger living space!

Nicola said...
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