Wednesday, April 15, 2009

thought bubble bookshelf

Sometimes the simplest designs are the smartest. Kian Lau from China made a post about a bookshelf. It's not just any ordinary bookshelf. It's one in the shape of a thought bubble! Seems like a really simple idea, doesn't it? How come no one has thought of it yet? Maybe someone has but never implemented it? Anyhow, I cannot decipher simplified Chinese, only traditional Chinese, so I am not sure who designed it or where the image is from. I initially thought he had designed it and thought, "Oh cool, how brilliant! And designed by a fellow Chinese!" I'm quite sure, though, that his blog is just a design collective, just like mine. Okay, enough speech, onto the product!

Here are several other posts that I found really inspiring: coffin-shaped cigarette holder (how ironic!), a clock made of a dish, fork and spoon (I want one in my kitchen), a light bulb-shaped candle (talk about return to the old), a clothespin hanger, and so many more. I will end up linking over half of his blog, so why don't you check it out for yourself?

Edit: I translated the simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese. A source isn't provided. Oh well!

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Georgia B. said...

i love this. i saw it somewhere else recently, and thought how clever it is! and whimsical.