Sunday, April 5, 2009

for your home

It's the last month of the school term. Everyone is swamped with assignments, labs, essays...I've got two essay deadlines and three exams coming up, so bookmarks have been collecting and I have too many things I want to blog about! Here are two fabulous items I'd love for my home:

1) A gorgeous modern shower by KOS
KOS is a company from Italy that specializes in bath tubs, shower cabins, and basins. Their modern designs must be rare; I can't really imagine seeing one of these in a typical house, especially in North America. One can dream! My favourite are the shower cabins. I absolutely kosmic z2 and floor. The tubs are quite magnificent as well, especially the grande quadra and grande angolo. They aren't kidding when they say grande; they are massive!

via Pure Contemporary

2) Want to wash your hands in a waterfall?
Designed by Octopus Design and Bruno Sacco of Hansa is this beautiful faucet, which Jenny Rector from 3rings has granted the title of a water sculpture. The elegant sculpture uses an on/off button and LED temperature meters, far off from the knobs and handles we are used to. Bathrooms and washrooms have far too many cool gadgets for those who can afford them...but let's be honest. How much time do you spend washing your hands?

via 3rings

And as a little extra, my boyfriend saw this Down Low seating by Upwell Design, based in San Francisco, and immediately said he's getting them. I am not sure I understand the appeal! The only thing I could think about when I saw this was: where would my legs go? The concept is great and I know our male gaming companions would love them, but they're just not for me.

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yulanda said...

Oh my goodness, I would love to soak in the first one. Especially with that scenary in the background!